Introducing Vusumzi!

RedZebra UK have always been dedicated to offering our services to the community, whether that be on our doorstep; in our local town of Brighton, or further afield; as far away as South Africa.

Our ongoing aim is to use music and creativity to engage and empower young people.

 Introducing Vusumzi…

On a recent trip to our sister office in South Africa we had the pleasure of meeting an inspiring man called Vusumzi Dyantyi.



Vusumzi lives in a township just outside of Cape Town and has exciting plans to help his local community. He is already helping facilitate two youth groups: one at an orphanage and another with the vulnerable youth in his township of Nyanga.


The projects aim to help young people take control of their lives through the encouragement of creative expression. He teaches life skills to young people and encourages creative expression through drumming, dance and theatre. 


Our involvement

RedZebra will be working alongside the RedZebraFoundation South Africa and Vusumzi to support the projects he will be delivering.


The projects will offer a safe space for creative dialogue and equip young people with the knowledge and skills to better understand the world in which they live.


We’ll be following Vusumzi’s progress with his weekly youth groups throughout the coming year and will be following the projects’ results with updates on our blog.


Why we choose to help  

  • Finding opportunities for young people is a critical challenge for South Africa, where youth unemployment is at an all-time high.
  • It is imperative that South Africa leverage the talent and energy of its youth to create dramatically higher levels of prosperity and equality.

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