Unified Rhythm


Unified Rhythm hit the streets!

Unified Rhythm are an integrated carnival arts music group based in Brighton.

The band comprises of mainstream and special educational needs young people and we’ve been running the group for over 17 years!

We regularly perform in public in the Brighton and Hove area throughout the year including the Kemp Town Carnival, Children’s Parade, Brighton Corn Exchange and at the AmEx Stadium.


What’s it all about?

The essence of the group is about joyful creative expression and the power that is created when we all join together to express ourselves and make music with such energy that it blows away both audience and performer alike.

Incredible Outcomes…

Through music, dance & singing, people with special educational needs find they have equal ability to express themselves, building strong & joyful relationships.

With their newfound confidence members of the group also develop in other areas of life. Unified Rhythm change how people in the community see disability and challenges people’s perceptions.

unified rythm_1178

Upcoming performances 2014

  • Children’s Parade – Saturday 3 May – From 10.30am
  • Downsview College – Saturday 17 May
  • St Ann’s Well Spring Festival – Saturday 17 May
  • Patch Festival – Saturday 12th July
  • Woodingdean Carnival – Saturday 28th July

3 thoughts on “Unified Rhythm

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  2. May I be the first to say happy birthday to Red Zebra and express love for Unified Rhythm. I’m trying to work out how many years we have been doing our thing. I think it’s more than 16. We’ve said it before but UR occupies such an important place in the lives of so many band members(including mine) past and present and I know that RZ have kept it going on fresh air and love most of the time which may have gone unnoticed but not unappreciated.

  3. Thank YOU Tim. We couldn’t have done it without your fantastic support along the way. We all feel so lucky to be part of the Unified Family.

    We’ve got some exciting news that we’ll tell you more about in this Thursday session – The Unified Rhythm Film is now complete! We can’t wait to show the members. We’ll have to organise a screening with popcorn. x

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