Harmony from Chaos

‘Harmony from Chaos’ is a fun, engaging, interactive musical experience!

everything is possible!

What happens?

‘Harmony from Chaos’ creates an unforgettable celebration for any event! Participants are actively engaged in the whole creative cycle from skill development, orchestration, composition and performance.

The whole group will become united as ‘One’ as they join forces to create a huge drum ensemble!


Incredible Outcomes…

This process involves the entire group to bring your people together as a powerful team.

  • Develops communication skills.
  • Unifies the group.
  • Highlights leadership skills.
  • Understand the power of collaboration.
  • Feeling of connection inspires teamwork. 

let me hear you make some noise

How we work with you…

We will work with you to create the perfect event with positive outcomes. We have provided this process to hundreds of clients in unique and special ways.

This process can take place indoors or outdoors. It can last anything from thirty minutes to four hours. And we have had a range of between 10 and 1000 participants.


Your business message…

All RedZebra processes can be tailored to highlight any specific message or theme that you want to deliver. It could be anything from enforcing your company’s existing brand message, to outlining a completely new way of operating.

It could be an energising element of a conference or an entertaining finale for your event… It’s up to you.

We work directly with you to understand your specific needs.

celebration is contagious

What if I don’t know exactly what my message is?

Don’t worry! We are experts in creating meaningful and engaging design.

We will work with you from your initial concepts through to the final experience.

Sound interesting to you? We’ll support you every step of they way. Call us or drop us an email. 


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