Brighton Beats

We took our mixed ability samba band, Unified Rhythm, to the streets of Brighton.

The whole group were beaming as we were lucky enough to have not one, but two beautiful sunny days performing with the band. (You got it right again Jamie! The official weather man of the band!)

Our first performance at The Childrens Parade 2014 was brilliant from start to finish. Everyone did amazingly. The crowd lit up as we passed them by.


The next performance took place later in May at the Downsview Link College open day. Again, you smashed it guys! Well done!

And as if that wasn’t brilliant enough for one day, we continued the fun with another performance at St Anns Well Spring Festival. The crowd even got involved this time and joined in with drums and claps.

Massive thanks to our brilliant conductors Javelle and Millie!


If you’re interested in Unified Rhythm or want to volunteer with us, do get in touch by emailing us at

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