The Pyramid Challenge

A challenge that unites your team through the power of collaboration.



With excellent collaboration, participants will build an awe-inspiring high pyramid structure in this fun and exciting construction project.

This experience never fails to amaze participants as they work together to create something beautiful.


This process involves the entire group to bring your people together as a powerful team.

  • Improves problem solving skills.
  • Align with a shared vision.
  • Highlights leadership skills.
  • Understand the power of collaboration.
  • An incredible feeling of achievement. 

Making a pyramid


The  design team will work with you to deliver your key themes and messages. Our experience enables us to develop your ideas from initial concept through to delivery.

The above process, The Pyramid Challenge, is just one way in which we encourage teamwork and drive business performance.

We have so many exciting ideas to bring to the table, so please get in touch to find out more.


We will work with you to highlight any message or theme that you want to deliver. You may want a team-day to allow your employees to bond. Or you may want a Leadership Skills course for the future leaders of your organisation.

We work on both a community and corporate level so whatever your needs, we will look to find a way to create something incredible.


We are experts in creating meaningful and engaging design. Don’t forget that we work in a variety of ways with all different types of organisations.

Whatever your needs, we will aim to create something spectacular. Call us or drop us an email. 

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