At RedZebra we are constantly pushing ourselves to be the most creative designers that we can possibly be.

Our job is to create original experiences that have an unforgettable impact on people for the better.

This means that we need to flex our creative brain muscles and come up with new ideas every week. But, sometimes, that can be harder than it sounds.

definition of creativity

We’ve been reading a great book by Chris Barez-Brown called How to Have Kick-Ass Ideas which suggests lots of tips for sparking your creativity, which got us thinking about how we work at RedZebra.

Here are our top seven tips for tapping into your creative side and some of the processes that we use ourselves. We’re letting you in on some of our biggest creative secrets here!

So if you’re stuck in a rut and want to push yourself further, try these steps;


One important factor about creativity is that there’s no right or wrong answer. The biggest inhibitor of creativity is giving in to the fear of being wrong. Imagine whatever you want and explore new and original ideas.

During the creative process your path will twist and turn. You’ll make mistakes and learn from them along the way. We don’t know whether things will work until we try them out… So go for it!


Don’t be afraid of giving in to your inner playfulness! Children are the real ‘creative gods’ of this world and we can learn a lot from them. They are always curious and have fun with exploring new ideas. As we get older we sometimes start to take life seriously and lose our sense of play.

Ask yourself this; which activities make you lose track of time? When you become completely absorbed in something your creative juices really start to flow. When we engage in something to this extent we have incredible focus on what we’re doing.


Curious people are the most creative. If you ask yourself (and the people around you) lots of questions then you can explore new ideas and opinions. In Barez-Brown’s book he suggests that firstly you should ask yourself ‘Why?’ questions, followed by ‘How?’ questions. Then act upon them.

You can also ask questions of others. In our office we always look to each other for new ideas and opinions. Communicating with others can really stretch your creative potential. Above all, be open-minded.


You have to be aware of your state to tap into your creativity. You are only going to be creative if you allow yourself to be in a positive and upbeat state.

Sometimes you’re just not going to be in the right place to be really creative. For example, you may have other more personal issues on your mind. Or you may be feeling unwell or tired.

At our workplace we start each meeting by acknowledging our current state – what we feel aware of in our life at the moment. This creates movement and understanding. We can work together to create a new state of creativity.

Do you feel energised or lethargic, committed or disengaged? What can you do to take yourself back into a creative state? It could be as simple as changing your environment or listening to some beautiful music.



Barez Brown refers to the ‘Blue Sky’ picture, which means getting a bigger perspective on your life vision.

At RedZebra we believe strongly in encouraging people to connect with this vision. For us, we call it ‘Purpose’. Firstly, don’t be afraid of exploring your purpose. It may sound big and scary but it’s actually a really positive process of self-discovery. Ask yourself some of these questions:

What impact would you like to make on the world? What makes you feel great about yourself? What are your deepest values? What do you want to be remembered for?

All these questions will remind you what is important to you. See how it affects your creativity.


This is one of our favourite tips which we use all the time at RedZebra. Capturing your thoughts and ideas in a visual manner will make you think in a new way. Get playful and use a large piece of paper with different coloured pens and post-its when you’re creating ideas.

You can also interpret abstract images, photos and art to gain new thoughts. Try discussing an image with a friend to create interesting insights you may not have thought of.

We also find that it can help you remember things better, which is always useful!



Our last top tip is to see an issue through someone else’s eyes. Imagine what someone else you know might do in your situation. You can create a new perspective by doing this which will create new opportunities. This works best when you think of someone you really admire or someone who is different to you in their thinking approach.

You can also do this by picking up the phone and talking to one of your clever friends! People are often flattered when you ask them for advice, so give it a go and break free out of your creative block!


We hope these tips help you out. Let us know if you’ve got any more to add to the list in the comments below.

Don’t forget that we offer experiences that will help you tap into your creativity, so please get in touch if you want to make a positive impact on your organisation or community group.

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