Celebrate your team!

Team building with a difference


Do you want your team-building day to be truly unforgettable?

At RedZebra we create team away days that take you and your colleagues on an exciting journey of self-discovery.

Dynamic facilitated sessions

Our team development days are designed and facilitated by our team of experts.

They are a great way to unite your team, especially for year-end celebrations.

It could be a Christmas party with a difference, or as a way to motivate or reward your team.

We can design a day to suit any group size, business context or objective. We have experience of working with groups of 5 – 500 in a variety of different environments.

What we’re really passionate about is making a real difference to your businesses performance and inspiring change and self-development for everyone involved.

We’ll take you outside of your comfort zone in a fun and non-threatening way.


Watch our Team Day with ASOS 


Fun and experiential

Our team development days are hands on and experiential to inspire your work force.

We have a range of proven interactive techniques, which are enjoyable and memorable.

Here are just a few of the processes that we can use. (We have hundreds of ideas to bring to the table!)

  • Musical Journey
    Develop creativity and understand the power of collaboration.
  • Bicycle Challenge
    This problem-solving and competitive process creates an unforgettable impact.
  • Gift Exchange
    A beautiful experience that intensifies the connection of the community.
  • Harmony from Chaos
    A fun, engaging and interactive musical experience.
  • Visual Explorer
    An exercise to explore personal perceptions and gain new insights.
  • Speed Networking
    Make sure that your delegates are connecting and networking.
  • Tubular Symphony
    The participants will achieve something they didn’t even think possible!
  • Values Tree
    This process encourages a deep connection with core values.


…and many, many more!


What next? 

If you’re interested in experiencing one of our facilitated team away days, you can find out more by getting in touch with our team on 01273 881 578 or by emailing your enquiry at info@redzebra.uk.com

Our team will listen to your objectives to create an exciting tailored experience.


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